Foundation Partners Group Carbon Reduction Commitment

We’re committed to keeping our communities beautiful for generations to come.

Reducing our carbon footprint

At Foundation Partners Group, we’re proud of the compassionate care we provide the families and communities we serve. However, we’re also mindful of how our services impact the planet. Because of this, we are implementing a plan to offset 100% of the emissions generated by our cremation processes in 2022.

While cremation uses far fewer resources than almost any other disposition option, the average U.S. cremation produces 540 lbs. or .27 metric tons of carbon -- about the same emissions as two tanks of gas in an average car. To help address this, we have committed to funding nearly 18,000 metric tons of carbon reduction through carbon offsets to make all of our cremations, across every brand, carbon neutral. To achieve our goal, we are engaging with a carbon offset specialist and choosing projects across the country that reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

As a national leader in cremation services, decreasing our carbon footprint will make a real impact on the environment and hopefully encourage others to follow suit.

What are Carbon Offsets?
Carbon offsets allow individuals and businesses to invest in environmental projects to balance out their carbon footprints. One carbon offset is the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs) of carbon dioxide emissions, one of the principal causes of climate change. These carbon offsets are an important financing mechanism for emission reduction projects and support projects that reduce greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy.

Our Carbon Reduction Plans
Our plan will support projects that reduce greenhouse gases in three ways:

  • Capturing and destroying greenhouse gas that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere (i.e., methane gas capture projects at landfills to produce electricity.)
  • Producing energy using clean, renewable resources like wind power.
  • Capturing and storing greenhouse gases in forests to remove them from the atmosphere.

The Impact of Our Carbon Reductions
We funded 17,550 metric tons of carbon reductions to balance the carbon footprint of our cremations. That is equivalent to:

  • Taking 3,800 cars off the road
  • Planting 290,000 trees
  • Powering over 2,100 homes with renewable energy
  • Recycling 746,000 bags of trash

Carbon Reductions Projects

  • Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm (TX)
  • Cottonwood Dairy Organic Waste Digestion (CA)
  • Erie County Landfill Gas Capture (OH)
  • Greater Lebanon Landfill Gas Capture (PA)
  • Arcata Community Forest (CA)
  • Scenic View Dairy Anaerobic Digestion (MI)