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When Cemeteries Lean Into Cremation, Consumers Win

Ask any Funeral Director and they will tell you the same story plays out at their reception desk a few times each year. A middle-aged resident walks in holding a shopping bag and says, "My uncle just passed away and he had no children. I was cleaning out his house and found these urns on a shelf in his closet. I don't want them in my house. What can I do with them?"

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Taking Care of Your Team When Selling Your Business

Ask any Funeral Director to list his or her top priorities when selling a business, and inevitably, taking care of employees will be among the top three concerns. After all, funeral business is a people business, and a funeral home and cremation center is only as valuable as the people who provide the service.

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Sell, Sell, Sell

Momento Mori, Feb. 2023 – For most funeral service business owners, transferring ownership of their funeral homes is a defining moment in their lives. Funeral service professionals develop deep and unique relationships with their communities and bonds of trust that can only come form helping friends and neighbors...

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