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Value Priced Service

It was clear to use that consumers were changing that whatever was happening would be different than what we had experienced before. It was time to make a decision and how to go about it was a challenge.

The Cremationist- Vol. 54, No 2

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Customer Experience

For decades, funeral home owners have relied on repeat business from families they have served. Loyalty was expected and owners that truly engaged and invested in
their communities were rewarded with generations of devotion. However, as families have become more transient and information more readily available from the smart phones in their hands, that loyalty is being tested like never before.

August 2018

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Sending My Funeral Home Off to College

This was the date I became a father to a beautiful 7 lb., 7 oz. 21 in. little girl named Jayden Kahaulani. My wife, Dana, and I had been married for three years. We were both full-time university students who barely had enough money to pay for the gas to get to the hospital.

July 2018

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How Relationship Marketing Saved My Business

In 2004, I became the proud owner of a once thriving funeral home, which had diminished to serving just 61 families. Fourteen years later, our funeral home now serves more than 300 families a year from one facility - a 35% per year average growth rate! How did we achieve that sort of comeback? Well, I am glad you asked.

June 2018

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