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Revolutionizing the Funeral Experience Through Technology

How can you revolutionize the funeral experience through technology? If families are demanding a better overall experience from the funeral industry, how will your firm measure up? Research shows that 70% of Baby Boomers want a different funeral experience than their parents.

Nov/Dec 2017

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Growing Up Funeral

As for any major life decision, the journey through the succession decision feels like a long trip that finds you at the edge of a cliff. Some years ago, my family hiked the Grand Canyon which if you have ever done you will appreciate the analogy. The view from the cliff is beautiful.

October 2017

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Dream Team

A "Team"...It has become common practice for many leaders to use this term when talking about their staff to help build morale and reinforce that it takes everyone working together to reach the organization’s goals.

July 2017

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Charting a Course

I can probably count on one hand the times my wife has asked me to go with her to the spa. For me, relaxation is usually spelled H-A-R-L-E-Y. However, this time, I was really glad I went, not just for the brownie points, but for the professional lesson in connecting with consumers.

April 2017

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