What People are Saying

There is nothing more powerful and encouraging than the testimonies of our customers, Partners, and Team Members. These lasting impressions propel us to provide the same exceptional service for our Partners and Team Members that they are consistently providing to our Families across the country.

What our families are saying about us

The overall professionalism and kindness shown by the staff to our family was the reason we give a 10 rating. We have mentioned to several friends that we would highly recommend your services. The staff was almost invisible, standing in the background, yet just a step away when needed. They were always with us - kind and serving.


Betz, Rossi & Bellinger Family Funeral Home

During one of the most difficult times in my life, Carter-Trent employees made things so much easier. Thank you!


Carter-Trent Funeral Home

Jim was incredible! All I had to do was mention something we needed, and he took care of it. He was patient, kind, and caring.


Diuguid Funeral Service & Crematory

When your staff member, Joel, came to my home, even though I was a mess, he was very caring and took his time to explain things and make sure my dad was secure and safe.


Hankins & Whittington Funeral Home

What our partners are saying about us

When four partners in a successful business are of similar age it severely diminishes the available options for succession planning. Foundation Partners Group allowed my three partners and I the opportunity to guarantee continued success for our business as well as to enhance our skills to provide a fabulous experience for the families we serve.


John J. Stewart, General Manager, Betz, Rossi, Bellinger & Stewart Family Funeral Homes

Making the right choices about how to write the next chapter in a legacy of service can be challenging. Merging with Foundation Partners has been a great journey in preserving things we cherish, like our name, our mission, and the right culture, and bringing new resources into play with a larger footprint. Leaders never just manage the present. They're going somewhere ahead casting vision. That is why we call them leaders and why they have followers. We are confidently building our future with Foundation Partners Group.


Dennis Baxley, Hiers-Baxley Funeral Services

The time was right for me to make plans for the future success of my funeral homes. My wife, Martha, and my three daughters were active in the operation and the community, but didn't want the burden of being responsible for everything. Foundation Partners allowed us to stay involved and plan for my family, my staff and for the families we serve.


Dean Trent, Carter-Trent and Scott County Funeral Homes

What our team members are saying about us

The leadership at Foundation Partners has provided the experience and business acumen to guide our firm to great success. Their investment of resources, know-how, and passion for innovating funeral services, that continues to push the envelope, has made our firm stand out from the rest in our community. It is so exciting and rewarding to be a part of this team that understands the passionate and compassionate heart of the funeral professional, and leads us to do things our competition wouldn’t even dream of.


Jennifer Parks, Location Leader, McDermott-Crockett


The caring and creativity in how families are dealt with is what this organization is all about. The focus on the customer experience in conjunction with new video and audio technology, innovative ideas, and beautiful facilities sets this company apart. The workplace environment and culture of the company makes this a place where you want to excel and overachieve. After all these years in the industry with some great companies, my energy level has never been higher, this really is the place to be!


Jim Ford, SVP Chief Customer Officer, Foundation Partners


Working on the Business Optimization team, every day is different, so I feel both challenged by and recognized for my work. I get to work with a lot of talented, intelligent people. I’m able to use all my knowledge and skills, while I continue to learn new things every day. It is very gratifying doing work that I feel like I can own and knowing that it is for a greater calling of service.


Tony Mazzotta, Business Optimization Analyst, Foundation Partners


FPG Senior Management believes ideas and innovation are driven from the location up, not from the top down. They provide us with the leadership, support and first-class tools needed to compete and excel in our market.


Paul Neville, Regional Managing Partner, Bring Funeral Homes